Integrated Features

It's been long known that radio and online just click when it comes to their combined ability to keep listeners informed and entertained, at the same time as delivering results for clients. Grant Broadcasters' Integrated Features leverage the power of both to deliver a range of interesting and informative online and radio content pieces that generate traffic to our online properties and create entertainment on-air. As well as promotions with a seasonal and topical focus, we work with clients to deliver bespoke solutions to generate engagement with our local audiences to benefit both our clients and us.

Seasonal Features

Valentines Day - dedicated online content and radio vignettes that highlight this romantic time
Mothers Day - great gift ideas and beautiful on-air feature spots.
Fathers Day - all the things that Dad loves as well as on-air spots that capture the fun of Dads
Christmas - gift, decoration, cooking and fun ideas for Christmas and the school holidays